Silo Cleaning

Silo Hygiene, Blockages & Bridging Clearance

Countrywide Silos & Fabrication undertakes cleaning, removal of all debris and natural waste materials from milling, feed and polymer storage facilities.

All cleaning is meticulously carried out by hand. Safety is enhanced by employing both winch and rope work techniques. Dead Space area within a silo is liable to attract dust deposits, fungal growth and insect infestation. Which can be treated with a food safe insecticide which totally eradicates infestation.

Full Cleans are carried out when the silo is empty using similar techniques to that of Dead Space Cleaning with all waste materials being bagged and removed. Hygiene certificates are issued and remain valid for twelve months.

Steam Cleaning is carried out internally and externally on storage facilities including brick work, roofs and concrete structures.

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